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Little Darlings Totally Nude

Little Darlings Totally Nude
Little Darlings
1514 Western Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89102
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Little Darlings Totally Nude


After an extensive upgrade, Little Darlings is sporting a new ensemble of erotic entertainment choices. The establishment's ladies, of course, are still all-nude.

At center stage, Little Darlings' stripper poles are among Las Vegas' tallest -- they give the lovely dancers plenty of length to swing about and slide upon. When the club gets hopping later in the evening, a second smaller stage opens up for additional dancers.

Little Darlings offers two large, themed VIP rooms for private parties. The frescoed Roman Orgy room brings good old-fashioned bacchanalia to Sin City. The '70s room is decked out in bean bags, black lights and lava lamps for "far out" lap dances.

The club also offers a dozen private booths for truly up-close dance experiences.

After midnight on weekends, Little Darlings throws themed sets – All-American, Latin, Erotic Games and others. Many of these involve audience participation and get more than a little wild.

Little Darlings is a comfortable place to enjoy dancers in all their glory, especially in the plush VIP booths.

If you want to take away more than just memories, Little Darlings also has a fully stocked adult store.

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