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Treasures Gentlemen's Club & Steak House

Treasures Gentlemen's Club & Steak House
2801 Westwood Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89109
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Treasures Gentlemen's Club & Steak House


Treasures is one hell of a strip-club experience. Touted as the world's most expensive strip club, Treasures looks and feels like the mad fantasies of Larry Flynt come to life. The lavish and somewhat exaggerated exterior gives the impression of an ominous Italian manor, while the spacious two-story interior walks the line between classy and over-the-top. Nevertheless, it all works very well.

A huge staircase, which leads to the luxurious upstairs VIP area, is decorated with classical erotic art and statues. The main room is set up more like a large living room than a nightclub, with one main stage taking the focus. That stage, while a bit too far from the crowd, is one of the most impressive strip club stages in town. From the neon go-go pole to the wind and fog machines, every theatrical trick in the book is employed to enhance the dancers' performances. And boy, do they look great. The heavy metal music video vibe is in full effect, and it is fantastic.

There is another, smaller auxiliary stage near the entrance of the club. This stage is somewhat different from most other small stages in town. Surrounded by cocktail tables, it sits low to the ground, keeping the action at eye level. Still, the club does suffer from not having enough tipping stages. Treasures could benefit from a few more of these more intimate stages.

The ladies at Treasures are extremely pleasant and undeniably attractive - friendly and none too pushy. Management is a bit strict with the lap dance contact in comparison to some other larger clubs in town. Regardless, the service in general is above par for a strip club. Everyone - from the bouncers and cocktail servers to the sweet and lovely ladies at the door - is friendly and courteous. The staff at Treasures goes out of its way to ensure that you are having a grand time.

However, beautiful ladies and excellent service aren't the only delights to be feasted upon at Treasures. For those of you with healthy appetites, Treasures features a full gourmet kitchen. In addition, local nudie bar enthusiasts should take note that the club offers free admission to locals with their own transportation. It's worth making an investment in Treasures.

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